While I'm slowly building this site to actually include things, let me give you the executive summary:

I am a research scientist at the University of Washington. I am currently associated with the Ginger Lab where I am in charge of the atomic force microscopy (AFM) research with a particular emphasis on solar energy and battery research. I have ~15 years of scanning probe microscopy expertise, from designing microwave probe methods to inventing entirely new analysis techniques. I have written many reviews, and I recently presented some background on this subject.

I currently focus on two areas (more info under "Research"):
  1. Photovoltaics: studying perovskite solar cells with an emphasis on "big data" AFM methods 
  2. Mixed ionic/electronic polymers: studying conducting polymers in terms of how nanoscale structure impacts ion transport, with applications in bioelectronic sensors and battery materials.
Prior to this, I was an optical microscopy tool development engineer at Intel, where I specialized in developing next-generation microscopy systems for failure analysis/fault isolation on the 14 nm and 10 nm nodes. My chief accomplishments include a patent on a visible light probing system for subsurface semiconductor analysis, near-field scanning optical microscopy of an active processor test chip, and using super-resolution microscopy to improve optical debug.

I don't have a SoundCloud so check out my Google Scholar.